The following select videos show some aspects of Jay’s dynamic fine art and publicly oriented career to date.

Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen records a moment in our life not just as a single occurrence, but as the moments of our journeys through time and space. His versatility as an artist enables him to execute his skill in countless mediums. These mediums enable Jay to pursue a unique depth, color and texture matched with his “trademark” cut-out and layering technique.

Piecing it All Together – Witkin Windows

View “Piecing it All Together” to see another example of Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen’s versatility and breadth as a leading American painter and fine artist. The collaborative installation of Denver’s “The Witkin Windows” is further detailed.

Ellis Marsalis by Schlossberg-Cohen measures 39 1/2" x 31 1/2"

This Acrylic on Paper Cut-Out measures 39 1/4 x 31 1/4 unframed

Ellis Marsalis and his Yamaha by JWSC

Painting specialist and GALLERY M co-owner Mason Hayutin present this work on paper by JWSC.

Social Justice works by Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen

Circa 2002, Jay’s vision reached his local community. Taking back communities through the arts has been a focus for Jay, which first started with his “It’s Good mural”. He continues to include participants with each final work, as shown with his 2010 Health Care for the Homeless collaboration.

Eilat by The Sea – Israel

As discussed by gallerist Mason Hayutin, Eilat by Schlossberg-Cohen links the vibrant port’s beauty with the modern using his unique layering process.

The National Park Series

The United States National Parks by Jay are breathtaking with each work and it’s scale. Learn more about Schlossberg-Cohen’s The Infinite and Cap Rock based on his Mojave, Joshua Tree and Palm Springs California series.

The Infinite - 2001