Mr. Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen is an established international fine artist. His works elegantly capture spirit and passion – of land, body and soul. The following, along with select videos, provides a detailed overview of Jay’s works, career and how to own an original work or commission. 

Jay is known for his balanced use of primary colors that dissolve into “fragmented, abstract patterns.” Some in the fine art world recognize that Jay’s style has not been done as well since fine art masters like Romare Bearden and Matisse’s cut-out period. Even his tenure at and shortly after the Art Students League of New York demonstrate how truly skilled and talented he is.

Current Works and Early Works. Jay’s process is a culmination of lifetime fine art experiences combined with intense research, “countless pen and inks”, and finally a substantial original work. Sometimes a portrait. Sometimes a landscape. Always magnificent. View Works by:

Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen’s works are typically cut-outs on canvas, paper, layered glass, and even those appropriate for large community installations for both indoor and outdoor presentation. Jay’s skill enables him to continuously strive for the next “best” medium for his works. more

Jay’s collectors are diverse and span the globe – most reside in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. You may have even witnessed a Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen painting when traveling through US airports, visiting a US Synagogue, Church or Mosque, school or corporate headquarters and in personal private collections from Andalucia to Aspen, China to Palm Springs.

The content presented is for reference and record of Jay’s exhibition years specifically while at Denver’s GALLERY M.  His tenure ended with the gallery in 2013.